We create simple technological solutions for the complex challenges of small and medium-scale agriculture.


1: Optimization of natural resources

For example: water, how much and when to irrigate.

2: Make accurate decisions on time

How to program field tasks more efficiently.

3: More performance and profitability

Applying knowledge to productive transformation.

Together we can transform agriculture...

Dare to explore!

Monitoring capsules

Know parameters such as soil moisture in your crop, precipitation, or fruit growth rate without the need for an internet connection or cellular networks.

Ideal when you need to monitor multiple variables at many points on your farm.

Easy to install, use, and move.

Ultra-low power consumption line, does not require external power sources.

IoT sensor networks

Monitor various parameters on climate, soil, water, and crops, and send the data to your farm and/or the cloud for visualization online in your mobile or computer

Low cost compared to other technologies available in the market.

Solar-powered feeding system.

Easy to maintain.

Online platform to view your data

"Plug & play" irrigation systems.

Control your irrigation and fertigation easily and affordably with modular plug-and-play systems that you can install yourself.

Low cost.

Easy to maintain and operate.

Scalable for phased implementation according to your budget, adding new irrigation sections.

Training and knowledge transfer

We teach you how to install, use, handle, and maintain agrotechnologies so that you can take the most advantage of them.

Short courses with "learning by doing" methodology.

Step-by-step playful guide.

Highly trained professionals to provide quality training.

Monitor and download climate, soil, water, and plant information from your crop through your mobile or computer online.

Maintenance, repair, and calibration

We provide maintenance and repair services for equipment in the field that are not functioning properly, allowing you to fully utilize them. We also have a sensor calibration laboratory.

Fair prices.

Diagnostic report.

Record of performed procedures and evidence.

This is what our clients have to say

Many had tried before, but you listened to me, and this irrigation system works exactly as I had desired”.

- Javier. Guaba. El Bolo.

"I conducted my own experiments to verify that the soil moisture capsule did the right work, and I was pleasantly surprised.

- Luis Ivan. Uva Isabella. Ginebra.

You can't have a smart crop by doing things without thinking. I no longer make decisions without the data from my IoT network”.

- Jose Vicente. Aguacate. La Argelia.

About Visualiti SAS

Our team is comprehensive, comprised of high-quality professionals who are experts in various areas of engineering and research. We share strong values and principles surrounding environmental conservation, the strengthening of agricultural ecosystems, respect for the land, and justice in the field.

We are a Colombian company that works with purpose and passion for the field, creating simple and low-cost technological solutions for the complex challenges of small and medium-scale agriculture. We work hand by hand with our farmers and producers to achieve successful adoption, ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of our agricultural ecosystems.

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